Digital Sanskrit Buddhist Canon


  • Title:
    Madhyamakaśāstra of Nāgārjuna
  • Editor:
    Vaidya, P. L.
  • Publisher:
    The Mithila Institute of Post-Graduate Studies and Research in Sanskrit Learning
  • Place of Publication:
  • Year:
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1 Pratyayaparīkṣā nāma prathamaṁ prakaraṇam
2 Gatāgataparīkṣā dvitīyaṁ prakaraṇam
3 Cakṣurādīndriyaparīkṣā tṛtīyaṁ prakaraṇam
4 Skandhaparīkṣā caturthaṁ prakaraṇam
5 Dhātuparīkṣā pañcamaṁ prakaraṇam
6 Rāgaraktaparīkṣā ṣaṣṭhaṁ prakaraṇam
7 Saṁskṛtaparīkṣā saptamaṁ prakaraṇam
8 Karmakārakaparīkṣā aṣṭamaṁ prakaraṇam
9 Pūrvaparīkṣā navamaṁ prakaraṇam
10 Agnīndhanaparīkṣā daśamaṁ prakaraṇam
11 Pūrvāparakoṭiparīkṣā ekādaśamaṁ prakaraṇam
12 Duḥkhaparīkṣā dvādaśamaṁ prakaraṇam
13 Saṁskāraparīkṣā trayodaśamaṁ prakaraṇam
14 Saṁsargaparīkṣā caturdaśamaṁ prakaraṇam
15 Svabhāvaparīkṣā pañcadaśamaṁ prakaraṇam
16 Bandhamokṣaparīkṣā ṣoḍaśamaṁ prakaraṇam
17 Karmaphalaparīkṣā saptadaśamaṁ prakaraṇam
18 Ātmaparīkṣā aṣṭādaśamaṁ prakaraṇam
19 Kālaparīkṣā ekonaviṁśatitamaṁ prakaraṇam
20 Sāmagrīparīkṣā viṁśatitamaṁ prakaraṇam
21 Saṁbhavavibhavaparīkṣā ekaviṁśatitamaṁ prakaraṇam
22 Tathāgataparīkṣā dvāviṁśatitamaṁ prakaraṇam
23 Viparyāsaparīkṣā trayoviṁśatitamaṁ prakaraṇam
24 Āryasatyaparīkṣā caturviṁśatitamaṁ prakaraṇam
25 Nirvāṇaparīkṣā pañcaviṁśatitamaṁ prakaraṇam
26 Dvādaśāṅgaparīkṣā ṣaḍviṁśatitamaṁ prakaraṇam
27 Dṛṣṭiparīkṣā saptaviṁśatitamaṁ prakaraṇam

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