Digital Sanskrit Buddhist Canon


Venerable Master Hsing Yun
Chairman & Patron
Venerable Master Hsing Yun
Dr. Lewis R. Lancaster
Dr. Lewis R. Lancaster
Dr. Stephen Morgan
Patron/Advisor, President of UWest
Dr. Stephen Morgan
Late Min Bahadur Shakya
Founder/ Former Director (Nepal)

Late Min Bahadur Shakya

Ven. Tzu Hui
Ven. Yi Kung
Dr. C.S. Wu
Dr. Roger Schmidt
Mr. Ching-Tung Tsai
Mr. Ming-Ti Tsai
Dr. Allen Huang
Dr. Ven Jue Ji

Project Manager (Nepal)
Milan Shakya

Input Team (Nepal)
Sumitra Shakya
Bibek Shakya
Anjana Shakya
Reshama Maharjan
Rojina Maharjan
Udip Shakya
Rashmi Shakya
Sarita Bajracharya
Elena Shakya

Project Director/ Web Design
Dr. Miroj Shakya

DSBC Web Administrator
Judy Hsu

Project Supervisor
Dr. Jane Iwamura

Logo Design


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