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|| sarvabuddhabodhisattvanāmasaṃdhāraṇiparivartaḥ ||

om namo bhagavate ratnaśikhinaḥ tathāgatasya | namaḥ suvarṇaratnākaracchatraskūṭasya tathāgatasya | namaḥ suvarṇapuṣpajvalaraśmiketostathāgatasya | namo mahāpradīpasya tathāgatasya | ruciraketurnāma bodhisattvaḥ | suvarṇaprabhāsottamo nāma bodhisattvaḥ | suvarṇagandho nāma bodhisattvaḥ | sadāprarudito nāma bodhisattvaḥ | dharmodgato nāma bodhisattvaḥ | purasthimenākṣobhyonāma tathāgataḥ | dakṣiṇena ratnaketurnāma tathāgataḥ | paścimenāmitāyurnāma tathāgataḥ | uttare dundubhisvaro nāma tathāgataḥ | suvarṇaprabhāsottamasūtrendrarāja imāni bodhisattvanāmāni ye dhārayanti vācayanti te bodhisattvā nityaṃ jātismarā bhontīti ||

iti śrīsuparṇaprabhāsottamasūtrendrarāje sarvabuddhabodhisattvanāma

saṃdhāraṇioparivarto nāma daśamaḥ ||

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